Home Office: how to furnish your home office corner

In recent years it is becoming increasingly frequent to work from home in smartworking, not only for freelancers, but also for employees of large companies, who have understood the importance and benefit of smart work for the productivity and psychophysical well-being of their employees.

However, you do not always have the opportunity to have a room dedicated to the office and therefore it becomes essential to use a small corner of the house for this function, creating a cozy space, which marries harmoniously with the rest of the furniture.

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If you’re wondering how to create a modern and functional home office, you are in the right place!

4 practical tips for your home office:

Light and warm colours for a comfortable environment

Choose a space that is well lit, so that natural light makes it easier for the eyes to spend several hours at the computer.
Surround yourself with warm colors, such as white, that reflect light or colors like blue, which make the atmosphere more natural and relaxing.

Angolo studio con ATOLLO 900x900 bianco e sistema modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE

The desk essential piece of furniture

It’s the focus of your office as a place to work.
If the space is small we recommend a square table to optimize the space, where you can place computers and documents with greater comfort.
If you want to maintain a modern style like that of your home, the ideal is a metal table with wooden top: elegant and durable is perfect for a cozy and fashionable corner.

tavolo scrivania ATOLLO con struttura in metallo e top in legno bianco

Shelves for a versatile home office  

Indispensable piece of furniture where to place documents, files, pen holders in an orderly way. Metal shelves are the most convenient and practical solution for your office: resistant, versatile and quick to clean, they give a touch of originality and elegance.
Also in this case the ideal color is white because it brings out the colors of the objects, or blue for a relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of the sea.

ufficio con mensole sospese in metallo ORIZZONTE free style

Wall system, a functional and design gem

If you do not like the idea of using individual suspended elements we suggest you create a small wall system: a composition of shelves of different sizes and heights, that gives dynamism to the environment and that can always be useful as a bookcase with a unique and contemporary design.

A system that dialogues with the rest of the environment, creating light and functional work areas

studio moderno con tavolo ATOLLO 1400x900 bianco in metallo e parete modulare ORIZZONTE


With these small precautions we are sure that you will have an amazing office corner where you can work in peace and have everything you need in order and within reach.