How to furnish a company office: ideas and solutions for a functional and modern space

When you have to furnish a company office you have to take into account several factors: first of all the space we have available and secondly the business needs, to recreate an environment that combines functionality with the well-being of employees.


The world of furniture today offers us endless solutions to meet every need; however, it is essential to take into account some fundamental rules to set up your company office in an optimal way.

What absolutely cannot be missing in a company office

To understand what furnishing accessories we need to furnish the work areas of our employees, it is important to keep in mind that the latter must express the brand, the company values and consequently the activity that is carried out. The office is a bit like the dress we decide to wear, it reflects us.

If you are part of a formal sector, the furniture of the offices will certainly be more sober and composed, while if you deal with informal sectors, such as communication agencies or furniture brands, the design will be more modern and creative.

Whether it is a traditional environment or a younger and more dynamic one, what matters is to be able to recreate pleasant and relaxing spaces, where people feel comfortable and can perform their duties in a comfortable climate, that allows them to concentrate and be productive.

For this reason it is important to choose with care and attention also the colors to match between them, not only those of the furniture, but also of the walls and create well-lit areas, possibly from natural light.

There are, however, a series of furnishings and accessories that can not miss in a company office, a meeting room or a meeting and relaxation area, where you can welcome customers or where your employees can take a break.

Furniture and accessories for a perfect corporate office

  • Office desks and chairs
  • Furniture containers, shelves, shelves and partitions
  • Various accessories and accessories of furniture
  • Lighting

Let’s discover them together in more depth.

Decorate the office with the right desk and carefully choose their layout

Needless to say, the desk is the undisputed star of the company offices, above which we spend at least eight hours a day, for this reason must be chosen carefully according to the needs.

The perfect desk should definitely be spacious, durable, not too delicate and at the right height, so work at the computer while maintaining a correct posture.

Curiosity on the desk: ideal positioning, materials and dimensions

Surely laterally to the windows, so as to avoid annoying reflections of natural light, which could disturb and blur during the working hours.
If you have an openspace environment, the ideal is to put a desk in front of the other, even close, wanting, so that people can have, at any time, the way to confront their colleagues on the work they are doing. After all, aren’t the best ideas born from confrontation?


The design of the desk also has its importance: material, style and size must be chosen carefully according to the result you want to achieve.

The most popular material is still wood with a lacquered surface, which thanks to its soft lines and its natural resistance give our work area a unique and comfortable character.
In recent years, to create modern furnishing and design complements wood is combined with metal structures, resistant and minimalist style, simple and quick to clean.


As in the case of our Atollo desk, with metal frame and poplar wood top, painted with a veil with an excimer finish that gives it great resistance to scratches and abrasions.

The most comfortable size for a company office is the rectangular one because, being developed in length, it has a smaller footprint and gives us the possibility to have plenty of space available to lean on all the items we need: from computer to printer, from pen holder to notepad.

How to better organize your desk?

It is very simple! The important thing is to keep at hand only what is really necessary and eliminate all those unnecessary accessories and furnishings that can distract us.
First of all we make sure that the electrical cables do not take up space on the desk, so as to make optimal use of the space.

Leave only what you need on the worktop: pc, diary, block-notes and some post-it notes to mark things to do.


Together with the desk you can obviously not miss the office chair: it focuses on ergonomic seats, which allow staff to work comfortably, reducing the risk of muscle and joint fatigue. Here, too, it seeks the right compromise between design and functionality.

Shelves and partitions for a functional office

Although digitalization has greatly reduced the use of paper, in a company office paper documents to store and keep in order are never lacking. Furniture, shelves and shelves can not miss suitable, practical and functional.

A well-organized work environment makes our work easier and allows us to quickly and easily archive documents and projects that we may need in the future.


An ideal furnishing solution is to use modular complements, so as to set up the walls of the office in a modern, but above all functional, exploiting their verticality. The modular systems allow to optimize the spaces at our disposal without encumbrance. Having everything under our eyes also gives us the chance to find what we need in no time.


Our modular system of metal shelves Orizzonte could be just what you need: the shelves, being attached to the support bars through a simple joint, can be easily moved inside the composition at any time, according to our needs.

To plan accurately the shared spaces in which to store documents, folders and files you can think of creating a single wall of shelves and divide each area with a different color, so that you immediately see the exact location of the material that we need or that needs to be stored.

In the individual workstations, instead, it is possible to insert, in addition to the drawers, individual shelves where employees can store their personal documents, or decorate the walls of their work area with a few maps, a souvenir photo or a souvenir dear to them.

In this case you may be interested in our Marea full metal shelves, available in different sizes and colors, are durable and easy to clean, ideal for recreating an essential, functional and modern work environment.


The suspended shelves are also perfect for decorating small business offices, in a functional way to make the environment cozy and tidy.

To divide the different work areas you can use transparent partitions such as glass with sliding doors, which reflect the light making the environment bright and cozy or you can decide to use the furniture to keep separate the different offices, creating airy and well-lit spaces that stimulate sharing and fruitful conversation between colleagues.

Decorate your office with eye-catching and versatile accessories

Accessories also make a difference in a company office: they give a modern and personalized touch and create a welcoming and family atmosphere, in which employees and customers can feel welcomed like home.

Clothes hangers, paintings, wall clocks, baskets and carpets are indispensable in a modern working environment, allow you to optimize the aesthetics of the areas and frame furniture and furnishings, delineating and dividing the different workspaces from the relaxation and sharing areas.  

Complete your corporate office with a few small accessories without exaggeration: however, let the space be large and airy, so that people can move freely between departments.

Natural and artificial lighting for a practical office

In addition to the light points already present in the environment and the light that enters daily from the windows, it is important to facilitate the view of our employees through the use of artificial lights: Table or floor lamps and neon ceiling lamps are needed to reduce fatigue in the eyes and mind and increase staff performance, improving mood and psychophysical well-being.

The lights must be positioned correctly: they must adequately illuminate not only personal desks, but also corridors, meeting rooms and sharing areas such as the company canteen and the areas dedicated to the break.

But beware of the power of the chosen light: in fact, it must not be too strong or too soft.
It also focuses on low consumption solutions in order to optimize costs and polluting emissions.

ufficio aziendale stile industriale

The ideal colors for a modern corporate office

To conclude this article let’s see together what are the ideal colors for a modern corporate office.
As you well know, every color conveys a sensation and therefore also influences our concentration our mood.

To recreate the ideal environment to work in peace, modern but at the same time composed and refined, we recommend that you use mainly neutral colors such as white, black and gray.
These shades not only do not tire the eyes make the environment bright and professional.
White, for example, greatly stimulates concentration and is used in places where you want to increase productivity.
The ideal is definitely not to overdo it with black, but a touch here and there on shelves and accessories never hurts and gives an elegant touch to the office.

Other colors that can be used with care and attention are definitely blue and green, in its different shades, more possibly pastel ones. Colors that remind nature and that give a feeling of relaxation to both eyes and mind and that facilitate concentration.

Other colors that can be our case, especially if we talk about web agency or design and design offices, can also be yellow and orange, Warm shades that recall natural elements such as the sun and that positively affect people’s mood and transmit energy.

Red, on the other hand, is to be used sparingly, as being a very vital color stimulates emotions at the expense of concentration.


With these tips we are sure that you can furnish your company office in the best way, whether it is a traditional or a more modern environment.

If you are looking for the right furnishing accessories to furnish your company, visit our website and discover the collections that are right for you.