How to decorate a small bedroom

Having a small room to furnish is not always easy, especially if that space has to accommodate a bedroom.

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Which colors to choose for the walls? Which furnishing accessories to use and where to place them?

These are all questions that arise spontaneously when we have to decide how to create an intimate and welcoming environment in a contained space.

In this article we discover together some ideas that can be for you!

5 tips for a small but beautiful bedroom

Choose light colors for the walls

Let’s start with a fundamental concept: colors.

Choosing the right shades to paint the walls of the room is very important because it allows you to give a whole other aspect to the environment that you will create. If the room is small, focus on light shades and pastel colors: white, taupe, beige are definitely the ideal color combinations.

Why? Neutral colors help you deceive the eye and make the room look larger, brighter and airy.

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This does not mean that you can not use more intense and dark colors, they can be used with a little caution. You can, for example, paint a wall of the room in a bright color, if ever that of the headboard of the bed and leave the other walls on a lighter or simply white shade.

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Use a sommier bed

Being able to choose furnishing accessories of the right proportions is very important when you have to furnish a room, but it becomes even more important when it comes to a small room.

An element that occupies a large space and that can not miss in a sleeping area is the bed, undisputed protagonist to recreate a comfortable and relaxing.

To optimize the spaces we recommend you to choose a sommier bed, that is without headboard, to reduce the footprint and create a simple, clean, but at the same time precious environment.

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The metal bed GOLFO in its most simple and minimalist version is the piece of furniture that suits your needs; in addition to being available without headboard has a large compartment under the structure, ideal for placing practical containers, where to store blankets, sheets and optimize the available space.

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Decorate with the shelves

An excellent space-saving piece of furniture that can not miss in a small and functional bedroom is the shelf.
Decorating the walls with different shelves gives you the opportunity to optimize the spaces and create the harmonious play of full and empty spaces where you can store books, souvenir photos, small souvenirs or everyday objects.

An idea that is going very fashionable and that enhances even more those that are the strengths of the shelf, is to use it as a bedside table.

In this way you will have everything you need for the night at hand, without having to get up every time.

Quick and practical to clean, they also simplify the cleaning of the room: thanks to the free space under the shelf, vacuuming from now on will be a breeze.

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Try our MAREA full 450 shelf, the ideal size for a bedside table contained but still spacious. You will also love its simple and elegant lines.

Illuminates the correct way the environment

Another element not to be underestimated in a small room is definitely lighting, which plays a key role along with colors.
The ideal is to have large windows at our disposal in order to make the most of natural light.

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As for artificial lighting, the advice is to use recessed spotlights. These accessories are excellent allies of interior design and can be used over bedside tables, to illuminate the desk or simply to create soft and comfortable lights, which do not tire the eyes too much and create an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere.

Always keep in order

For a small but cozy room the word not to forget is definitely: order.
Without the latter, in fact, you can put into practice all the strategies and useful advice, but you will get little results.

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With these little tricks that will allow you to optimize the best space, you can live in comfort your small and cozy bedroom.