How to organize the pantry with designer shelves

The pantry, vault of good food lovers!

From the first moment we saw them, we fell in love with them for their simplicity and functionality.

We are talking about shelves: whether they are made of wood, metal or glass, they adapt perfectly to any home environment and any style of furniture.

They are so comfortable and adaptable that they are not only good for creating a bookcase in the living room or a composition that matches perfectly in the kitchen wall instead of hanging cupboards, but also to create a small open space pantry.

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The idea to create a pantry with shelves, whether they are all of the same size or not, is very brilliant, because it allows you to have everything you need for the kitchen at hand in a single space.

Also the idea of having a clean and organized corner gives a feeling of greater warmth and welcome, creating a completely different atmosphere to the environment.

Having an open space pantry is a plus, because compared to a closed one, it is much more airy and fresh allowing a better maintenance of food.

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Which are the best materials to use and which are the colors to choose? 

The most comfortable material to use for its strength and practicality is certainly metal: its composition, smooth to the touch, is very easy to clean and its solidity gives your pantry a longer life.

The choice of colors is more personal: everything depends on the style you want to give it.

For an elegant and modern pantry we recommend you to choice darker shades such as black, blue or gray, perfect colors to give character and dynamism.


If you prefer a simple and clean pantry, we recommend the timeless white, which gives light to the environment and makes your pantry a refined space.

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