Isola: the metal bookcase with an essential design

If you love books you know it well: just pass in front of a bookcase to be surrounded by the unmistakable scent of printed paper, that sweet call, that inevitably leads you to stop and look at what is resting on the shelves. 

Isola libreria personalizzabile in metallo

The bookcase has become an essential piece of furniture in today’s modern homes.

Given the often small size of the rooms, which aim at essentiality, these compositions are no longer presented as powerful and bulky furniture, but have turned into a modern light and modular solutions, ideal for decorating any home environment, designed to separate and contain with extreme freedom of expression. 

A bookcase with a customizable design 

The concept of ISOLA was born from the need to create a functional decorative element, that matches the needs of anyone, without weighing down the environment that surrounds it, but giving a feeling of lightness and harmony.
The first bookcase completely customizable by anyone, even in time, without limits.

libreria in metallo modulare ISOLA bianco

Made entirely of tubular painted metal, ISOLA stands out for its thin and decisive lines, which create a completely modular, spacious and industrial structure.

A perfect combination of joints, created by alternating horizontal planes and vertical lines. A unique composition, almost like a work of contemporary art, ideal to furnish any space of the house, from the living room to the study, from the bedroom to the entrance.

The distinctive element of ISOLA is its complete freedom of composition: the presence of tubular of different lengths and 4 types of plates allows you to create a different piece of furniture each time, which adapts to the size of the environment, design and your needs. 

Once you have chosen the size of the vertical tubes, which outline the entire structure, you can play with the horizontal crossbars and metal interlocking shelves freely within the composition. 

Industrial, modern and essential 

ISOLA libreria in metallo design industriale

Its clean, simple lines and minimalist design make it perfect for any occasion. Not just a bookcase, but much more.

ISOLA can fill the living room wall to accommodate your beloved books, TV and some precious souvenirs, brought home by an unforgettable journey, or turn into a convenient open-space cupboard to be placed at the entrance, where to place precious memories, Like your collection of vinyl to listen to on a cold autumn evening while sipping a cup of steaming tea. 

libreria di design in metallo ISOLA nero

Do you also want a customizable bookcase for your living room?
Contact us and we create together your dream library, tailor-made just for you! 

libreria modulare in metallo verde ISOLA