A minimalist kitchen without wall units thanks to the modular wall system.

Minimal and essential: these are the trends in the world of interior design when it comes to modern furniture.

The fundamental concept that is spreading more and more in our homes is to reduce the superfluous and focus only on the necessary, this phenomenon is also known as minimalism.

The minimal style is not only linked to the world of furniture, but is a true philosophy, which helps us to reorganize and organize in a functional and harmonious way different aspects and habits of our lives.

Orizzonte free style sistema modulare in metallo

But back to us: how can we get a minimalist kitchen in our own home?

Furnishing a modern kitchen out of the box

Enough with those classic wall cabinets, where most of what we put inside, magically disappears in the meanders of the furniture for months and months...

If you want to have a functional space but at the same time well organized and tidy the solution is there: use a modular wall system.

Thanks to this innovative and extremely versatile system it is possible to fill the wall with design shelves of different sizes, which can be moved inside the bar at any time according to our needs.

cucina moderna con parete attrezzata Orizzonte

A composition that changes with you

ORIZZONTE free style allows you to create your niche in total freedom: you can in fact decide to divide it into many small compositions, where to group together complementary objects.

Above the sink you can choose, for example, to leave the space completely free to work more comfortably, or install a metal shelf, on which to place sponges and detergents.

cucina industriale con sistema modulare in metallo Orizzonte

parete attrezzata in metallo Orizzonte con mensole sospese

You can instead decide to create a composition of several shelves in the second row of your wall system, useful to support bowls, bowls, jars and recipe books.

Orizzonte il sistema modulare per la cucina moderna design industriale

So, you can choose what style to give to ORIZZONTE, at any time.

Neutral colors and a touch of nature

White is definitely the predominant color to decorate a modern kitchen: it easily matches with all colors, conveys elegance and a sense of cleanliness.
Another trendy colour is silk grey, an elegant shade with delicate shades reminiscent of the industrial style.

parete attrezzata modulare in metallo Orizzonte bianco

If you prefer a kitchen out of the box with a strong contemporary taste, a color that is changing every concept is black.
An unusual shade for the kitchen, which can give class and grit to the composition; if your goal is to impress the guests, well, it will certainly not go unnoticed.

sistema modulare in metallo Orizzonte nero moderno

In all this do not forget a touch of green, which recalls nature and gives us a feeling of calm and tranquility: some always green seedlings or aromatic herbs are now a must-have in the kitchen decor.

sistema modulare con mensole sospese in metallo Orizzonte di design

How do I clean it? 

This is the dilemma we face every time: nice shelves in the kitchen, but they get dirty. (You were thinking that too, weren’t you?)

Don’t worry about it!
Keep clean your wall system will be quick and easy: for daily cleaning you just need to use a soft microfiber cloth slightly moistened in water and neutral detergent, free of products containing solvents, acids and/ or abrasive materials and substances, in such a way that the surface of the shelves and bars does not damage. 

cucina moderna stile industriale con parete attrezzata modulare Orizzonte

Decorate your beloved kitchen with a modular wall system and have fun changing it whenever you want it with ease, we are sure that you will love it!