ISOLA: The first bookcase completely customizable

by anyone, even during the time, without limits

Isola la prima libreria in metallo personalizzabile dal design industriale

Made entirely of tubular painted metal, ISOLA is characterized by thin and sharp lines, which draw a dynamic structure with a robust and spacious soul. 
A harmonious combination of horizontal planes and vertical lines that transforms into a piece of furniture with a strong industrial character, perfect for furnishing every room of the house, from the living room to the study, from the bedroom to the entrance.

Isola la nuova libreria in metallo dal design essenziale nero

Modular, modern and essential 

The distinctive feature of Isola is its freedom of composition thanks to the wide choice of height and position of the elements. A single system, infinite furnishing solutions.
After defining the measures of the vertical profiles that support the entire structure, each component of ISOLA can be positioned freely.

This modern game of joints is made possible by the exclusive and simple system of coupling of the elements: a patented plate, which allows you to change over time the composition of the library, moving the thin shelves and tubular, inside the structure according to your needs.

libreria di design in metallo industriale Isola verde

An open and functional bookcase that highlights objects with an original touch without weighing down the environment in which it is inserted.
The system of plates has 4 variants that allow the combination among the various profiles in different cases.

Do you want to create your own modular library?

Isola libreria in metallo dal design essenziale a parete bianco

Customer satisfaction is a key point for the company, for this we provide our staff to create together their own tailor-made Isola, going to design the composition ad hoc according to the needs.

Contact us and we will realize together a project tailored for you.