The origins

Sloop was born in 2019 from the passion for the sea of Vittorio Carli.

In his mind it had been cradled for some time the idea to create something unique thank to the metal, a material that he has always worked with passion and dedication, for over 30 years.

"With metal you can make anything!" Vittorio has always said. He decided that with this 100% recyclable material, that he has known for a lifetime, he would have created a new way to decorate home environments, spaces that reflect the personality of those who live them daily.

From the desire to create versatile, sustainable and innovative furniture, but at the same time easy to assemble, Sloop takes shape in Vittorio's hands.

"With Sloop anyone can manage to decorate and install home furniture by themselves."


Sloop is synonymous with furniture in freedom. Freedom in all its forms, like the waves of the sea that gently break on the sun-kissed beach.

We strongly believe in these  VALUES:



valore artigianalità

All products by Sloop, a registered trademark, are made within our factory, where the human factor becomes an indispensable value, from the arrival of raw materials, to processing until shipping.

Each product is made taking care of every detail, paying extreme attention and precision in every step: from design to development, till final processing.

"Touching by hand is our strength: it gives us the opportunity to examine the product in every single detail to identify any flaw and provide the end customer with a unique and high quality piece of furniture", says Vittorio.


valore made in italy

An essential design, in which elegance and attention to detail come together, to create furniture which express the personality of those who live it every day.

Sloop is synonymous of Made in Italy: from the project and development phase, to production, processing and packaging, everything is made in Italy.



Sloop products are mainly made of metal, a 100% recyclable element.

Every detail is studied in the minimum details right from the design, in which the attention to production processes are focused on sustainability: "our products do not have a single welding point and we use powder coating."

Furthermore, every single element is a unique piece: all this allows a lower emission of CO2 or other pollutants during processing  and therefore a greater protection of the environment, to which we particularly care.



There is no other product like ours: the Marea shelves, our exclusive patent, are horizontal interlocking shelves and are easily interchangeable at any time, according to your needs and to the style you want to give to the environment.



Marea, Atollo and Orizzonte are extremely versatile, ideal for every home environment, from the living  to the kitchen , from the bedroom to the bathroom, they give a touch of personality to your furniture.



With Orizzonte free-style you have the possibility to choose different sizes of shelves and different colors, to match together to create a unique style which reflects your taste and your emotions.