GOLFO Bed: the most frequently asked questions

The metal bed, the ideal furnishing element to create a modern and intimate sleeping area, with an industrial character. Essential lines and minimalist style characterize the design of GOLFO, the bed unique in its kind thanks to the presence of robust metal slats integrated into the structure that guarantee the quality of sleep. 

le domande più frequenti su GOLFO il letto in metallo moderno

The most frequent requests

1. Why should I choose a metal bed?
A bed made entirely of metal is ideal for a modern industrial style room. Its clean lines and minimalist design make it the ideal piece of furniture for a contemporary sleeping area.

The presence of the slats, integrated in the structure and also be made of metal, give the bed strength ensuring long life. They are also ideal for a homogeneous distribution of body weight and maximum support of the mattress.
Being unique pieces also avoid noises and creaks at night, ensuring the quality of sleep.

2. What are the assembly times?
The bed is made only with removable interlocking elements that guarantee a quick and easy assembly. You will be able to assemble your bed in maximum 20 minutes. We advise you, however, for a better success to be in two people.

3. Do the slats flex or are they rigid?
The slats have been designed to bend simultaneously, so as to allow a homogeneous distribution of body weight and give you a unique and regenerating feeling of relaxation.

4. Does the bed have a storage compartment?
No, there is no storage compartment integrated into the structure but, thanks to the large space under the bed frame, it is possible to create a practical niche, where you can insert practical space-saving containers for blankets and sheets.