ORIZZONTE wall system: the most frequently asked questions

The modular metal wall system, the perfect furnishing system to furnish the walls of your living room, kitchen or home office.
Thanks to its extreme versatility it is perfect for decorating the walls of the house with style and modern character, for a dynamic solution that adapts to your needs. 

domande frequenti su parete attrezzata modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE free style

The most frequent requests 

1. How do I mount the ORIZZONTE wall system?
The mounting principle of Orizzonte is the same as the Marea full shelves.
Simply attach the support bars to the wall, choosing the right wall mounting dowel.
Then you can install the shelves by fitting them on the bar from the top and finally insert the tie rods to the shelf, starting from the bottom upwards.
Expected assembly time? Maximum 1 hour!

Follow the assembly instructions here:

2. How is the Orizzonte modular wall system composed?
The Orizzonte modular system consists of MAREA shelves of 45 cm or 90 cm and support bars of 45, 90, 135 and 180 cm. You can choose how many suspension bars to buy and what sizes.

Separately to the bars you can choose how many shelves MAREA buy and what sizes. You can play with measurements and colors to have a modular composition that suits your needs

3. What can I put on the modular wall system?
Everything you prefer, from books, to souvenir photos, from plates to cups, but also plants and scented candles. Every piece of furniture finds its place with Orizzonte.

4. Where can I use Orizzonte?
This modular system is extremely versatile and easily adapts to different environments and spaces. It can be used in the kitchen instead of the classic wall cabinets, in the living room to create a different composition from the usual modern character or to furnish your home office to have everything you need to work at hand.

cucina moderna con parete attrezzata modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE free style

ORIZZONTE free style sistema modulare in metallo salotto

Angolo studio con ATOLLO 900x900 bianco e sistema modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE

5. If I don’t like to see the support bar screws in sight what can I do?
You can cover the support bars with caps! A practical accessory that enriches your wall giving it an elegant and design touch! Thanks to its smooth and magnetic surface you can attach practical magnets and accessories, an excellent solution both in the kitchen and to make your home office even more functional.

Discover here the CAPS for the Orizzonte collection

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