ATOLLO table: the most frequently asked questions

ATOLLO: the table with metal structure and top in lacquered wood ideal for furnishing the home spaces with a modern, minimalist design.
The strong industrial character of the exposed metal is combined with the warmth of the wooden top for a furnishing solution, which adapts easily and elegantly to any environment.  

domande frequenti su ATOLLO tavolo in metallo con top in legno laccato

The most frequent requests

1. Can I also use the ATOLLO table outside?
No, our table is only suitable for indoor use, as it does not have the necessary treatments for outdoor use and would risk damage over time.

2. How can I clean the table?
For a correct cleaning of the surface and the structure you just need to use a soft cloth, case never in microfiber, moistened with a little water and, if necessary, with a neutral detergent, free of products containing solvents, acids and/or abrasive materials and substances that can spoil the finish.

3. How long does it take to assemble?
The assembly of the table is quick and easy, in a maximum of one hour your table will be ready to be used. To assemble the table is recommended to be in two people, especially to lay the top on the structure.

You can find more information at the following link:

4. Is the table extendable?
No, the table is only available in fixed version in 3 different sizes: 900x900, 900x1400 and 900x1800.

5. What material is the top?
The top is made of poplar wood, coming from plantations managed in a sustainable way and is 40 mm thick. It is also painted with a veil with an excimer lacquer, which allows to obtain an extra-matt surface with exceptional resistance to scratches and abrasions.

6. If I damage the lacquered top, what can I do?
The top of ATOLLO can be tilted, so it can be used on both sides.
If you damage the top surface you can safely flip the top and use the undamaged part.