How to furnish a modern dining room

The dining room, the home space where you all meet together to talk, discuss, or tell each other, in front of a good plate of steaming pasta that smells like sauce, sweet memories, simply family.

come arredare una sala da pranzo moderna

It often happens that the room should accommodate not only family members, but also relatives and friends on holidays, birthdays or special dinners.
That’s why decorating the dining room is not an obvious action, but must be studied to perfection.

How can you furnish a dining room in a cozy yet functional way?
Let’s find out together in the following paragraphs!

Three tips for a modern and cozy dining room

1. Choose an openspace for more space

In recent years the idea of dedicating a room only to the dining room has been somewhat lost, as often could be found in the homes of our grandparents where each room had its own specific function: kitchen for cooking, dining room for dining and living room for resting.

In the modern times in which we live, we tend to talk more about the living area, that is, an openspace in which the kitchen and the dining room or the dining room and the living room live together.

The solution most used today in modern homes and apartments is to create a single open space room, in which we can dedicate a part to the kitchen and a part to the conversation area or living room.
The two environments are usually divided by a modern and cozy table that can be used not only for lunch, but can turn into a study area where our kids can study and do homework and where we can also work at the computer.

sala da pranzo moderna con tavolo in metallo nero ATOLLO apparecchiato

Pros and cons of openspace

The openspace is definitely a very good solution because it allows us to create functional areas and to have much more space available to move into the room and to share moments with the family.
It makes the space airy, full of light and gives us a feeling of greater freedom.
It also allows us to socialize at any time: even while we are cooking, having the whole environment under our eyes, we can chat with our children or control them while they do the lessons and help them in case they need.

On the other hand, it can be uncomfortable, as smells and noises will spread throughout the room much faster and easier, and may annoy other family members in the room. A double that can be easily solved thanks to the use of a good suction head and the caution to turn on mixer and dishwasher in the quietest moments of the day.

2.Pay attention to the table: the undisputed protagonist

A piece of furniture that deserves to be chosen with care and attention is definitely the table.

When choosing the table for the dining room, three fundamental aspects must be considered:

  • Material
  • Form 
  • Functionality


The modern and minimalist style makes the materials its strong point. Among the most used finishes for the choice of our dining table we certainly find wood, glass, but also marble and metal.

The most popular one is still wood, as it stands for strength, solidity and versatility.
A wooden table is cozy and transmits a feeling of warmth to the touch, as well as being extremely resistant to impact and much less delicate than a table with glass top, much more complicated to keep clean.

If you want to have a more modern and minimalist piece of furniture, you can opt for a metal table with wooden top, elegant and contemporary design gives the environment a touch of character, is durable and quick to clean.


Oval, rectangular, square, fixed or extendable there are all kinds. It all depends on the space you have available and where you want to place the table.

If the idea is to place it in the middle of the room, so as to divide the kitchen area from the living area, we recommend choosing one with a rectangular shape.
Practical and spacious gives you the opportunity to comfortably accommodate guests for dinner. Not being very bulky also allows you to switch between rooms comfortably.

The square shape is a practical and versatile solution in case the dining room coincides with the kitchen.
The table can be placed with a part of the top leaning against the wall and can be placed in the middle of the room, when you have guests, for greater comfort.


What are the features that the table can have inside the environment in which we place it?

As already mentioned, it can be used for eating, but not only, if necessary it can also become a work area or simply a relaxation area.
The place to sit and consult the computer or where to read a book or sip a good coffee in company. Depending on the functions of use that your table will have, you can decide which is the most suitable shape for your needs.

tavolo da pranzo in metallo con top in legno nero moderno ATOLLO

Our metal table with wooden top ATOLLO can be the ideal solution for a cozy and modern environment: available in both rectangular and square versions in 2 color combinations, it has a minimal and modern design. It is easy and quick to clean, it is very durable and the top is covered with a scratch-resistant finish, ideal if you have children at home who use the dining room table to do their homework.

Find out more about ATOLLO by clicking here.

3. Focus on relaxing colors that match the style of the room

The dining area should convey a feeling of well-being and rest.
When we sit at the table we must feel light, carefree, free to take a break from the daily routine and let ourselves go to chat and laugh.

The colors in this are fundamental: as you already know, some are more suitable to charge us and give us energy, while others are more suitable to slow us down and calm our mind.
The ones that are definitely for us are pastel shades, neutral shades, which can be combined with any style and environment and nuances that recall nature.

You can choose between these colors:

  • Green: there is nothing more relaxing than a natural landscape, for this reason shades of leaves and plants are ideal for coloring your modern dining room. Be careful, however, not to choose too bright shades, but rather remains on the darker shades of the forest effect.
  • Grey: a neutral color that can easily adapt to the decor of any modern living room with a minimalist design.
  • White: a shade that matches every style of furniture and that gives brightness and elegance to the environment.
  • Light blue: as for green, blue is a shade that recalls nature and that gives us a feeling of peace and relaxation.

 tavolo da pranzo moderno in metallo nero ATOLLO apparecchiato


Now you just have to choose the table that best suits your needs and decorate your living area in the way you like, with a modern and relaxing touch. The perfect space to share unique and unforgettable moments.