Furnishing the house by the sea: what can not miss

Close your eyes and breathe: don’t you think the air starts to smell of sea and salt skin?
Listen, don’t you hear that sweet sound of the waves crashing on the rocks?

Summer has arrived and the desire to disconnect the mind, even for a few hours on the weekend, is felt.
If you are lucky enough to have a property or a small apartment in any seaside resort it is time to pack your bags and leave.

But wait: have you already thought about how to furnish it for your summer holidays?
Even if it is not an environment that we live every day, even the beach house needs attention: choose the style you want to give it, match the right colors and create your oasis of peace, where you can relax and spend your days with friends and family.

If you are looking for inspiration to furnish the house by the sea you have come to the right place: follow us in this article and discover our tips to recreate a welcoming environment, that takes you away from the stress of everyday life.

Let’s see together what points we will deepen:

  • Style and colours for an oasis of relaxation
  • Essential and minimal furniture and accessories

What style to choose to furnish the beach house?

Before thinking about the furnishing accessories to buy it is important to choose which style we want to give our house to the sea. The watchwords to keep in mind are mainly two: lightness and simplicity.

The house by the sea must be an oasis of peace in which colors, materials and furnishings come together to recreate the right atmosphere and amplify our holiday feeling. So yes to large spaces that leave freedom of movement and encourage sharing.


Our advice is to choose a minimalist style: the concept of Less is more must become your mantra in this case too. A few furniture and accessories, chosen with care and attention will be enough to make the environment cozy and relaxing; you are on vacation and you will definitely not want to spend hours dusting and cleaning, right?

A simple color palette for a relaxing beach house

The difference will obviously be the colors: what are the shades that come to mind if you think of the sea?

Surely all the shades of blue and turquoise combined with the inevitable white, the basis of marine style.

You can decide to use these colors free wheel both on the walls, but also on knick-knacks, fabrics and, why not, also on the furniture.

As for the walls, especially in the living room, but also in the bedrooms and bathroom you can paint 3 white walls and one in shades of blue or you could play with a modern wallpaper that depicts a beach or a sunset on the crystal clear waves. Doing so will give more brightness to the rooms, making them look more spacious and recreate relaxing spaces, reminiscent of the colors of the sea.


White and blue are not the only colors, among which you can choose: even neutral shades such as ivory, beige, light gray or sand dye can be used.

palette-colori-neutri-casa al mare

House by the sea: what furniture to choose

To furnish a house by the sea focuses on essentiality to communicate lightness and facilitate cleaning, which these days should not be your first thought.

Furnishing accessories with clean lines and relaxing shades are the ideal solution to furnish the house by the sea.

Suspended shelves, modular equipped walls and tables with a minimal design are what you need to furnish with simplicity and elegance the different environments of your beach house.


What is the best finish? It all depends on personal tastes but if we can give you advice we suggest you some metal furnishing accessories: simple and quick to clean, they are equipped with great resistance and guarantee long life.


To give a personal and chic touch you can decide to combine modern accessories with lived furniture that you no longer use: adapt them to the style you want to give to the marine environment through a common thread between new and vintage (such as, for example, colors) and make them shine with new life.

A strategic choice also to save a little budget since it will not be our primary accommodation, but only a small retreat for the summer break or a few weekends out of town in the name of relaxation.

Focus on marine-themed decorations and accessories

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article less is more also in accessories.

Create a marine mood without exaggerating too much: the most suitable decorations to recreate this style are certainly glass vases and bottles, baskets and wicker containers, shell-shaped pillows with white and blue striped patterns, small wooden ornaments, Abstract paintings reminiscent of the colors of the sea and light curtains or fabrics in white linen or silk, which help to shelter from sunlight and keep cool spaces.


Another style that you will definitely love for your home by the sea is the Mediterranean one that recalls the beautiful Greek islands: in this case the colors become warmer and more intense and you can opt for hand-painted ceramic accessories, terracotta pots and straw baskets.



These are just a few quick tips to consider to furnish your beach house.
We hope they can be useful and if you are looking for some furniture for your beach house take a peek at our shop, you could find just what you need!