Furnishing the kitchen with open shelves

The kitchen, the corner of the house where the work surfaces are never enough!

If you don’t like the idea of filling the walls with hanging cupboards, SLOOP shelves are the furnishing elements for you: practical and extremely versatile, make your kitchen functional and modern.

 cucina moderna con mensole di design in metallo a vista stile industriale

Where to start to choose the most suitable shelves for you? From the style of the furniture

If your kitchen has a modern feel, you can choose metal shelves with a minimal style, with simple and clean lines that give a touch of style to the environment.

If you have classic style furniture, you can opt for wooden shelves that transmit warmth, although nothing prevents you from using metal shelves in soft colors like white: a color that never goes out of fashion and that gives light to the room.

After choosing the style we want to give to our kitchen, it is important to decide how to place the shelves and what to put on them, so as to make the environment tidy, clean and organized.

 parete attrezzata modulare ORIZZONTE free style in cucina contemporanea

Where to place the shelves in the kitchen?

Certainly the most convenient position is the one above the sink, to have everything in sight. The idea of install shelves instead of hanging cupboards is a very comfortable and versatile solution, beautiful to see and that gives a touch of originality.

 cucina moderna con parete attrezzata modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE free style

What to put on the shelves?

All the most used objects in the kitchen: glasses, plates, bowls, breakfast cups, aromatic plants, spices.

The ideal solution is to place the most bulky and heavy tools in the lower shelves.

On the other hand, it is recommended to place everyday objects in the central shelves, to always have them at hand.

Finally, it is better to place the objects that are less frequently used in the higher shelves, so that they do not occupy the space at hand, but are clearly visible anyway.

However, it is essential to use a few small tricks so as not to make the composition confusing.

Place pots, plates and containers carefully, dividing the objects by type, size and color gradient.

Finally, leave a little more space between a stack and the other, almost to give the idea that it is furniture items rather than accessories used daily.

 cucina moderna stile industriale con parete modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE free style

That’s all: in this way your kitchen will be as you have always dreamed, versatile and refined.