Design shelves to decorate the dining room

The shelves, a precious partner of contemporary furniture.

They can give a cheerful and refined mood to any home environment, as they can dialogue perfectly with any type of style in the rooms

sala da pranzo con mensole di design in metallo MAREA full e ORIZZONTE


Thanks to these elements of modern furniture and design you can create numerous compositions, from the simplest to the most original, almost like small modern sculptures, to be admired whenever you want, as if they were a painting hanging on the wall that never tires us.

mensola MAREA full 900 bianco in metallo

The wall shelves are an excellent solution even in the dining room: they become a convenient space saver, where to place glasses, flower pots, cookbooks and give a sense of visual dynamism to the room thanks to the alternation of empty and full spaces.


A shelf for every style

For a modern style dining room we recommend the combination of shelves of different colors together with a metal ATOLLO table with wooden top that gives a feeling of warmth to the environment.

The combination of these two furnishings will give your room a unique energy with a contemporary flavor.

sala da pranzo con ATOLLO in metallo e top in legno nero 900x900


For a more minimal furniture, the MAREA shelves in total white metal are the ideal solution to give light to the room.
Resistant and extremely versatile they can decorate the walls with a unique charm and always fashionable. 

mensola in metallo MAREA full 1800_2 bianco

Play with the colors

If you are wondering what shades to match, it all depends on the style you want to give to your dining room and your personal taste.
If you want to stay on the classic and have a bright room, especially if small, we recommend light pastel colors such as white or silk gray.

mensola MAREA full 1800_3 grigio seta in metallo
mensola di design MAREA full 1350_2 in metallo bianco

If you want to give a touch of creativity you can play instead with more flamboyant and youthful shades such as cobalt blue that contrasts harmoniously with neutral shades, for an imprint of character and originality.

mensola MAREA full 900_2 in metallo blu cobalto

Inspired by the proposals SLOOP FURNITURE! 

moodboard sala da pranzo moderna
moodboard sala da pranzo stile contemporaneo


What are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild and start decorating your dining room with Sloop shelves!