How to decorate your apartment with shelves in an original way

The apartment is a comfortable solution for young couples who want to experience living together, but often the space available is never enough.

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Recovers precious space without sacrificing style

The ideal solution to optimize spaces and decorate in a versatile and original way is to use shelves.
In addition to increasing the space available, they give a touch of originality making the spaces brighter and more modern.  

Decorate with shelves in an effective way

After understanding the advantage of using suspended shelves to furnish your small but lovely apartment, the puzzle is: how can I use them in an effective way?

Below we give you some advice that can certainly come in handy.

Shelves in the bedroom

The room that needs a lot of space, especially if you are in two, is the bedroom, where the wardrobes overflow with clothes every day.
They are perfect for furnishing your walk-in closet in a dynamic and versatile way, giving light to the space and a feeling of freshness and order.

Not only that, but they can also replace the classic bedside tables, for a minimal furniture of great vogue. Comfortable to store the necessities for the night, they are an ideal solution for cleaning the house.
Just move each time bulky furniture, with the shelves vacuuming will be a breeze.

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Shelves in the bathroom

Soap, shower bath, scented candles are objects that are always needed in the bathroom, but each time they are moved to the right and left because their space is occupied by other.

With shelves you can finally give them the space they deserve by creating a small niche all for them, where sweet and delicate aromas come together and give a feeling of relaxation to your bathroom.

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Shelves in the living room

Both vertically and horizontally the metal shelves in the living room always have their charm.

They highlight your favorite items, help you recover space in an organized way and give a touch of originality to the most welcoming environment of the house.

ORIZZONTE free style sistema modulare in metallo salotto

Shelves in the kitchen

Suspended shelves are also the best solution in the kitchen to take advantage of the full wall above the sink and place in a practical and tidy way all everyday objects.

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If you do not want to give up the hanging are also useful to create a small niche on the side of the peninsula to be transformed into a convenient pantry where you can place pasta, sugar, biscuits, cups and coffee cups.

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Shelves in the hall

How many times do we enter the house and we don’t know where to put the keys, glasses and the bag?

Placing a shelf near the entrance is a great solution for propping up small everyday objects that we need to leave the house. A practical solution for an apartment always in order.

mensola MAREA full 900 bianca in metallo ingresso moderno

Are you ready?
Give free rein to your imagination: choose the design shelves you like and decorate your apartment in a simple and fashionable way.