How to furnish a study and relaxation area

The desire to have a corner of the house where you can work in peace, surrounded by silence to have more concentration or just take a break, is in the wish list of many.

studio in casa con scrivania ATOLLO e mensole in metallo MAREA full di SLOOP arredi

The sudden arrival of smartworking has led to new habits and needs that did not exist until a few years ago.
Those who have become accustomed to working from home with their own rhythms and spaces prefer to continue doing so, as they have managed to create their own stability between private life and work.

For this reason it is very important to be able to carve out a small home environment dedicated to this function, so as not to find yourself in the same space all day risking always having your mind at work.

How should the study be?

Cozy and comfortable certainly to facilitate our productivity, but not only.
Furniture makes a big difference: functional and practical furnishings allow us to have everything in place and especially at hand; a clean and tidy place also makes us more calm and gives us a sense of greater security.

Another element on which it is right to give the right attention is the choice of colors: light shades and shades that bring the mind to mother earth are ideal for an optimal relaxation studio area.

The most recommended colors are definitely white, silk gray, blue and green, textures that convey a feeling of relaxation and lightness and that give the environment brightness.

angolo studio bianco con mensole MAREA full di design in metallo SLOOP arredi

How to furnish the studio relax: our practical tips

Much depends on the space you have available.

The possibility of having a whole room all to yourself is the best solution, if we want to have a room dedicated solely to work from which we can switch off completely at the end of the day, to dedicate our time to family or our passions.

If you have only a small part of the room, such as a living room wall, you can find effective solutions that combine the work space with that dedicated to relaxation and conviviality to a pact, however: turn off the laptop and hide it in the drawer so as not to get caught up in the temptation to look if mail arrived or finish that task that remained outstanding.

Tell the truth, it happened to you, too, didn’t it?

Let’s start by analyzing the possibility of having a room all to ourselves

In this case we can give free rein to our creativity, playing with furniture of different types, colors, armchairs and accessories.
What can not miss is the desk.

We can decide to use a large work area that gives us the opportunity to have plenty of space available where to place PCs, pen holders and file cabinets, which can safely stay on the table even at the end of the day.

One detail to pay attention to is the choice of the top finish: the ideal solution is definitely a scratch-resistant lacquered top, which resists scratches and abrasions over time.
The smooth surface also allows us to easily clean it just by passing a soft microfiber cloth soaked in water and neutral detergent.

angolo ufficio con ATOLLO scrivania di design in metallo di SLOOP Arredi

The ATOLLO  desk table thanks to its minimalist and elegant design is perfectly suited as a piece of furniture for the study, both in the total white version and in the total black version.

The table top is also foldable and can be turned if the upper surface is damaged over time.
That’s a great solution for a desk that lasts, don’t you agree?

Another piece of furniture that can not miss, if you have a large and spacious part, is a wall system in sight in which you can insert all the documents we need.

Practical and versatile allows us to have all the documents at hand and in order without having to think every time in which cabinet or drawer we could have put that material that we need urgently.
How many times doesn’t happen during the day?

parete attrezzata modulare ORIZZONTE di Sloop Arredi per studio moderno

The modular wall system ORIZZONTE is the optimal solution because, in addition to making us have everything in front of us, it gives us the possibility to move the shelves inside the composition as we prefer.

We can, for example, think about moving the top of the shelf where we keep all the older documents and move to the lower part instead of those we need daily.

mensole sospese di design in metallo per studio moderno ORIZZONTE Sloop Arredi

Or we can decide to divide our equipped wall system into two parts: one dedicated to the world of work and one dedicated to the relaxation area, where we find our favorite books, some souvenir photos and a comfortable armchair, where to take a moment of relaxation after a day spent in front of the computer.
Great idea for space optimization, don’t you think?

angolo lettura con parete attrezzata modulare in metallo ORIZZONTE

If the idea of metal suspended shelves does not make us crazy, we can opt, instead, for a beautiful wall bookcase. Convenient to support everything we need for our study and relaxation area is a piece of furniture that certainly can not miss in our home.

A room with a library is immediately more warm and welcoming and is also perfect for dividing the environment into two parts, one dedicated to work and one dedicated to the relaxation area.

libreria modulare moderna in metallo ISOLA di Sloop Arredi

Do you already know our modular metal bookcase ISOLA?
Its strong point is enclosed in its extreme freedom of composition that allows you to create it as you wish according to your needs: higher, lower, stepped, you choose! If you want to find out more click here.

Do we have a small space?

A corner to work is also very good in the living room, the important thing is to choose the right wall to dedicate and make sure that the furniture is in complete harmony with the whole.

Choose a wall possibly close to a window so you can make the most of the natural light during the day.

In this case we can decide to choose a desk with a small size, if ever the square shape, to be able to rest on the wall in order to occupy little space

angolo studio total white con tavolo ATOLLO e mensole in metallo MAREA full di Sloop Arredi

To recover precious space we can decide to furnish the wall with design shelves in metal MAREA full, durable and easy to clean are the perfect piece of furniture, where to place our files without giving too much in the eye and distort the furniture of our living room.

mensole moderne in metallo sospese MAREA full e scrivania di design ATOLLO di Sloop Arredi

In this way we could have our quiet and modern study corner inside our living room without being too invasive.

What do we do now?

Decorate and beautify our studio relax with everything we want, to make us feel at home at all times: scented candles, plants, paintings, everything that can transmit us tranquility and can give us an extra inspiration of creativity.

salotto moderno con mensole di design in metallo MAREA