How to create a small corner studio in the kids bedroom

Transforming the play corner of the bedroom into a space dedicated to the study is certainly not an easy task: you have to know how to combine functionality, modernity and trends in a single environment, taking into account not only the space we have available, but also the tastes of our childrens.

Children grow up, habits and needs are transformed and as a result the environment in which they spend most of their time is also changed: the bedroom.

What was once the corner dedicated to the game, so much loved by our children, with the passage of time gives way to the space dedicated to the study and that part of the sleeping area so much loved takes on a different importance.

The need becomes, therefore, to be able to transform that space into a multifunctional but at the same time welcoming study corner, which can meet the many needs that our children have.


Being able to recreate an area dedicated to the study, which meets the needs and tastes of our children, respects the modern and trendy canons of interior design and that, at the same time, matches with consistency the furniture of our house is certainly not a simple undertaking.
Let’s discover together some practical tips to keep in mind to create a functional and modern space.

Three tips for a practical and modern study corner

There are many aspects to consider when you have to furnish the home office for our guys, first of all:

  1. the right position
  2. the choice of desk and chair
  3. the use of effective furnishing accessories
  4. the matching of the right colors

Let’s go over every aspect together.

Choose the right location

What is the best location to place the study area in our kids' room?
The choices are many: we can dedicate an entire wall or take advantage of a corner, place it under the bed, if we have a cantilever or bunk, or give continuity to a piece of furniture that we already have available, such as a library, adding a suspended structure.

Whatever position we decide to choose, the ideal solution is to place the study area slightly to the side or under a window in order to be able to illuminate it for most of the day from natural light.
But beware of the hand with which he writes: if your child was left-handed, the window should be placed to the right of the desk and vice versa in such a way as not to create annoying shadows. (The same principle applies to the lamp)

The external light is much more delicate on the eyes of our children allowing them, therefore, not to strain too much the sight while studying or doing homework.
In this way we also avoid having to leave the room light on for several hours and we can turn it on only when needed. An excellent solution also to save energy and optimize the use of electricity.

Research also shows that natural light within the workspace brings a significant benefit to people’s productivity and morale; a very important psychological aspect to consider for our children’s mental health.


Pay attention to the desk and chair

A piece of furniture that deserves a careful reflection in the choice is the desk, which should not be considered as a simple support surface.
The desk, in fact, must be the right height to allow our kids to work at the PC, write or read while maintaining a correct posture and without going to strain the back, given they will spend a lot of time of their day.

As for shape and materials, the advice is to opt, if you have different space available, for a rectangular desk. This shape allows you to have a large support surface, where you can comfortably place everything you need for study: from the computer to the notebook, from the lamp to the pen holder.
In addition, it can be comfortably placed against the wall and even close to a corner, still leaving freedom of movement.
Another advantage of the rectangular desk is that it is easily shared by two brothers, without having to be tight or sticky.

As for the materials, the choice certainly falls on resistant finishes that guarantee durability. The ATOLLO desk table of this makes its strong point: metal structure and poplar wood top give it great strength and stability. The top is also finished with a scratch-resistant lacquer, which gives the top a smooth feel and protection from scratches and abrasions.
The ideal choice for the study corner of our boys that between pencils, skirts and markers need a surface that is quick to clean and not easily damaged.


Another complement that makes the difference for a functional and comfortable environment is the chair.
Choosing the right chair is essential to ensure our children a correct position during study hours. The advice is to opt for one of the ergonomic ones, which allows you to adjust the height of the seat and backrest. The latter, in fact, must ensure the right support, but without being too rigid: a soft padding and a breathable lining fabric are fine.
Armchairs with wheels are certainly those preferred by teenagers, as they allow him to move easily from one side of the desk to the other.

Let’s talk about space-saving complements: shelves in first place

How much space can our students need to arrange everything for the study? Really a lot.
Between books and notebooks the space available seems never enough!

The shelves are an excellent piece of furniture to contain all the school materials and not only.
Being suspended from the ground and hooked to the wall offers the advantage of limiting the footprint and not occupy valuable space on the desk.

Also in this case it is right to mention what are the best materials for our shelves: beautiful to see and able to give warmth to the environment are certainly the wooden ones, but nothing prevents you from opting for metal shelves.

Easy to clean and with great resistance, they are perfect for filing cabinets, books and heavy dictionaries.
With the modular system ORIZZONTE, consisting of support bars of different sizes and metal wall shelves of different colors you can decide to create a wall system extremely dynamic and modular.
ORIZZONTE offers the possibility to change the composition over time according to your needs.
You can move the shelves inside the support bar to create small niches dedicated to the same theme, or keep at hand those where there are textbooks that are used daily and to move in the highest part of the wall those in which we place files and heavy notebooks.


The caps that cover the support bars of ORIZZONTE also have a magnetic metal surface, perfect for inserting magnets with post-it notes, drawings or attach other accessories to recreate a functional study area, which adapts to the needs of our kids.

Do not neglect the choice of colors

At this point we can not dedicate a thought to the choice of colors.

The choice of colors available in the world of interior design varies very obviously: from neutral shades such as white or dove grey to pastel shades slightly brighter like blue  or sage green, shades that recall natural textures and that give the environment a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Paint the wall behind the desk of your child’s favorite color, it could greatly help his concentration. Finding yourself in a cozy place that feels his and that he likes will help him make the hours dedicated to the study less heavy and look at that corner of the room with different eyes: not necessarily a place where he has to spend the afternoon hours against his will, but a safe space in which to give release to his creativity.


These little tips will help you to make clear and to understand in a concrete and immediate way what are the optimal solutions to furnish the study corner in your children’s room in a functional way.

If you are still choosing the most suitable desk and shelves try to take a look at the collections of our shop, you may find just what you need!