Modern shelves in the bedroom: 3 practical tips

Shelves are a turning point for their aesthetic importance on the one hand and on the other for the possibility of furnishing small spaces in a smart way.

Thanks to the use of suspended shelves it is possible to say goodbye to heavy and bulky furniture, by virtue of more streamlined and tailor-made compositions.

In contemporary and minimalist furniture, shelves, especially those in metal, that recall the industrial style, have become a must-have in all the rooms of the house, from the living room to the kitchen, through the pantry up to the bedroom.

Able to create a scenic and particular decorative effect, they are a piece of furniture that surely can not miss in your bedroom!
Where can you install them to recreate a harmonious and bright environment?
In this article we give you 3 practical tips to create a modern room that matches your taste and your needs.

Where can I place the shelves?

Above the headboard for a design space 

The space par excellence is dedicated to the wall above the headboard of the bed: an often empty space, which thanks to the installation of one or more shelves can become an original space, where to expose and highlight the objects you love the most as books to read, souvenir photos and scented candles.

Playing with different sizes and heights, alternating between full and empty spaces, you will be able to create a modern composition of great effect, transforming the wall into a real work of art rich in colors and different shades. 


Instead of the bedside table: comfort and versatility 

Another perfect location is on the sides of the bed, instead of the classic bedside tables: having a suspended bedside table allows you to give a feeling of greater airiness and lightness to the room and also is an ideal solution to be able to vacuum in any corner, without having to move anything.

You can place a light on it that illuminates the shelf at night if necessary, giving it an original touch that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


To create a walk-in closet wow effect 

Another space-saving and very practical idea is to use them as a walk-in closet, giving you the opportunity to play with different heights and sizes to be able to place in an orderly and organized way your favorite items, almost like they were the showcase of a store.

cabina armadio moderna con mensole di design

Our favorite solution is definitely the one instead of bedside tables. Where would you like to place the shelves in the bedroom?

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