Where to place shelves in the living room: 5 useful tips

Shelves are a must-have for the world of interior design, especially in the living room: simple to install give brightness and space to the room.

In addition to decorating the walls of the various rooms, the suspended shelves are ideal for placing objects of daily use, becoming an excellent space saver, especially if you live in an apartment.

An environment, where they certainly become protagonists, is the living room, in which to host friends and parents, so a place that deserves a greater attention to detail.

salotto moderno con mensole in metallo nero

Where is it better to place them inside the living room? 

It all depends on the use you want to make of it.


5 useful tips on where it is best to place the shelves in the living room

1. In the lower part of the wall, next to the TV corner or the fireplace, they become the ideal space for an easily accessible support, that creates harmony, where you can place your music CDs, a few souvenir photos and a scented candle, that transforms your living room into a relaxing and welcoming environment.

mensole moderne in metallo nero MAREA salotto

salotto-stile-industriale-con-mensole -in-metallo-per-angolo-lettura

2.Behind the sofa are comfortable to place the paintings that we love, transforming the wall into a customizable art gallery, where memories, colors and emotions are mixed together.

angolo libreria con mensole di design in metallo MAREA


3. In the empty corner of the living room to give a sense of completeness and turn it into a small functional niche of design, where you can place your cup of hot tea when you watch TV or the book you read in the evening before going to sleep.

mensole MAREA full 900_2 in metallo nere salotto moderno

4.Everything in order: the shelves help you create a nice bookcase, which highlights objects and creates a wall full of colors, which inspires joy and positive memories.

ingresso moderno con mensole in metallo sospese MAREA full 900 in metallo

5. Over a cupboard to give a sense of filling the whole and visual dynamism, where you can expose your favorite collection of discs.

mensole di design nere MAREA full 1800_2 in metallo per salotto

We talk about materials and colors

For a modern living room with a young and decisive character, metal shelves are ideal.  The combination of metal with different sizes and colors is the perfect solution for a living room to leave your guests breathless.

What is the ideal color for the living room?

Certainly white or silk gray. The clear shelves, in addition to easily adapt to any style, from the most classic to the most modern, give brightness to the room for a design, that never goes out of fashion.

However, nothing prevents you from choosing the most intense and decisive colors, such as blue or black, for an elegant and refined furniture, which reflects the personality of those who live it every day.


salotto moderno combinazione colori 2

salotto moderno palette colori 3

palette colori 4 salotto moderno

salotto moderno combinazione colori 5

palette colori 6 salotto moderno

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired by imagination and, with a touch of creativity, decorate your living room with style and elegance.