Shelves in the bathroom: 5 tips for a cozy and functional space

Lightness, versatility and harmony: these are the key words for a modern bathroom.
Discover our 5 tips to create a space dedicated to cozy and functional wellness. 

bagno moderno con mensole di design in metallo MAREA full


The bathroom, often a small room where there must be a thousand things.
How many times have we thought: "In this bathroom there is nothing left, I have to find a solution!" 

To make this space cozy, bright and above all tidy the use of shelves becomes indispensable, as they are an excellent space-saving support surface, where you can place everything you need with ease.

Where can shelves be placed for functional furniture?

Next to the sink:

The most practical solution is definitely next to the sink, where you can place the most used products for daily care, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, face cream and perfume.

mensola in metallo MAREA full 900 bianco bagno

The suspended shelves are ideal to be placed next to the mirror or all around it to create a design niche, which helps you optimize the available space with an elegant and original touch.

Above the bath:

To give an extremely modern touch of furniture you can use them for the support of towels, robes or towels well folded and exposed, along with your favorite soap, some essential oil to moisturize the skin and a scented candle, to turn on for a moment of relaxation all yours.
A great solution to gain valuable space and create a comfortable and beautiful place to see!

In addition, they give a feeling of completeness, as they fill a wall often unused with a touch of freshness and brightness, taking advantage of the verticality of the walls without clutter.

mensole di design in metallo MAREA full nero in bagno

In the wall in front of the sink:

If the bathroom is narrow it can become really cumbersome to insert furniture, a wall equipped with metal shelves is the perfect solution to optimize the spaces and support in an orderly and harmonious way beauty products, towels and a few small seedlings.

Our ORIZZONTE modular wall system represents the perfect mix of functionality and design, as you can decide how to compose it, according to your needs, and you can decide to modify it at any time, quickly and easily.

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Which material to choose for our design shelves?

The choice of materials in the market is very wide: from glass, to wood, to metal; there is plenty of choice.

It all depends on the furnishing style of your home: for a more classic environment the ideal material is undoubtedly wood with its refined grain and a warm and soft texture.

If you want to give your bathroom a modern imprint with a contemporary design, as we like, the ideal material is definitely the metal: smooth to the touch is easy to clean, does not deteriorate with hot water steam and is extremely resistant, ensuring a long life.

If you are curious about the idea of using metal shelves, try taking a look at our extensive MAREA full collection.

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What if we talk about colors?

Of course it all depends on your tastes and the style you want to give to the room.

Certainly colors such as white and blue are ideal to give light to the environment and convey a feeling of relaxation, but nothing prevents you to choose a more intense and decisive color like black, for a bathroom with a strong personality and elegance.

Mensola moderna in metallo bianco MAREA full 900 in bagno

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Now, with these tips, you are ready to furnish your bathroom in a cozy and tidy way.
Ready? Unleash your creativity and let your instincts guide you. 

With modern shelves we are sure that the most intimate space of the house will shine with elegance and will smell clean!