The trendy colors for Christmas 2022 in the home decor

Christmas is almost here, the lights are on and light up the streets in a thousand colours.
In the houses a special atmosphere is created and in the air there is a magical scent, which mixes with the sweet taste of hot chocolate and cinnamon cookies.

We see you already there in the sofa, with the fireplace open, a soft fleece blanket that wraps around the whole family, each with his smoking cup, while all together watching a Christmas movie.

Natale 2022 colori di tendenza Sloop Arredi


The living room is warm, enveloping, lit by the flame of the access fireplace, which dances lightly together with the delicate shimmer of the Christmas tree lights.

Speaking of Christmas tree and decorations, what are the trendy colors of this 2022 for Christmas decorations? Let’s discover them together!

4 magical shades to decorate your home at Christmas

Between classic colors and modern shades the holiday season inspires and influences the world of home decor to furnish home with an original and elegant touch.

The absolute trend color: powder pink

You will never believe it, but the shade that stands out most in this Christmas atmosphere is powder pink.
A color that conveys elegance and a touch of magic! It can be easily combined with silver decorations, copper and natural wood decorations.

rosa cipria il colore di tendenza Natale 2022

Speaking of copper, you will definitely see it again next year as a trendy color for 2023. It transmits that extra bit of warmth to the environment and goes beautifully with pink, cream and even brown.

il rame il colore di tendenza del 2023

Another pastel shade that continues to stand out: lilac

The shades of light lilac, already on trend in 2021, continue to amaze us.
The lilac gives a delicate touch to the room, conveys a feeling of relaxation and makes the atmosphere cozy and familiar.

Combined with natural elements such as pine needles, pine cones and holly leaves, the lilac is perfect for creating sophisticated decorations to hang on the door of the house, near the fireplace and why not, even as a nice centerpiece for Christmas lunch.

lilla pastello un tocco delicato per Natale 2022

A color that never goes out of fashion: blue

Also this year could not miss the blue in all its shades, from ice blue to night blue. Blue is a sober color, which perfectly matches the silver decorations and a total white decor.

A relaxing and sophisticated shade, which combined with the classic and never obvious white, is able to enhance modern homes with a hint of innate elegance.

blu ghiaccio il colore per il Natale 2022

Let’s not forget the tradition:
green, red and gold

Of course, the traditional Christmas colours could not be missing: red, green and gold.
Green is the undisputed color of this entire year and in this fairy-tale period is proposed in all shades from the most classic to the most modern: we start from mistletoe green and moss green, up to the shade most loved by interior designers in this 2022, the sage green.

verde salvia colore di tendenza natale 2022

Another undisputed nuance of the holidays and which is immediately thought of in every occasion is obviously red. This warm and intense color is proposed in all its shades, from coral to garnet, through burgundy, cherry and rust. But for this Christmas one prevails over all, the red bordeaux. Elegant and bold, it goes perfectly with gold and silver decorations to give your home a precious touch, typical of family traditions, that does not tire.

verde e rosso bordò colori tradizionali Natale 2022

Looking for a more minimal and sophisticated touch?

Don’t worry, Christmas is able to satisfy everyone’s tastes!
For a more minimalist and contemporary decoration you can choose to decorate only with warm lights and a few touches of white and silver here and there.

luci e addobbi naturali per una casa moderna e minimalista

Space to nature!

If not even the white and silver convince you fully, you can choose to combine the lights with small wooden decorations homemade, that give that warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home, without exaggerating and tiring.

Also create homemade decorations with small pieces of wood, some pine cones, berries and pine twigs, can be a nice game to do with their children, a moment of sharing that ends with one of the most anticipated and magical gestures of this period: hang the decorations together on the Christmas tree.

A playful activity that stimulates creativity and sensitizes children to an important theme such as sustainability and respect for nature.
In this way you will feel like you are experiencing the magic of Christmas in a small enchanted forest.

decorazioni in legno Natale 2022


Did you get inspired?
Now you just have to decorate the house with the colors that most represent you to give it a welcoming, warm and relaxing touch and enjoy the magic of Christmas with your family.