The metal bed you’ve never seen before: Golfo

Clean lines and minimal design come together in the new metal bed by Sloop.
Let yourself be carried away by the delicate comfort of GOLFO, for a unique feeling of well-being.

letto matrimoniale con testiera GOLFO in metallo nero
Metal materials are definitely the most popular trend option in the world of furniture: thanks to their simplicity and resistance they fully reflect the taste of contemporary design.

Metal has entered our homes in different forms, from shelves, to bookcases, through cupboards and furnishings, up to arrive in our bedrooms to give us a moment of timeless relaxation.

The metal bed embellishes the most intimate environment of the house and is the right compromise both for a classic style and for modern furniture.

Golfo, innovation and comfort 

Golfo, innovation and comfort Golfo embodies the innovation of comfort: the bed base integrated in the structure is made with sturdy metal slats, which give the bed comfort and lightness, avoiding noise and creaks at night, to give you a cozy and relaxing place to rest.

letto di design in metallo GOLFO bianco

For this reason and thanks to its innate resistance and stability, GOLFO becomes the ideal bed for your children’s bedroom or for kids.
Simple to clean and light to move, they are the great strength of this piece of furniture, as they make the assembly of the bed very simple and fast.
GOLFO dettaglio doghe in metallo

The joint, the versatile and aesthetic focus

Another design element that makes GOLFO simple to assemble is the presence of the joint.
A metal plate patented Sloop, which gives the bed a modern design with a strong character and is taken up in several collections of the brand.

dettaglio giunto letto GOLFO in metallo bianco

The same assembly principle, the same logic, the same result: an elegant, versatile and durable furniture.

To each one his own bed

If you are looking for an original and at the same time minimalist solution for your room, GOLFO is the one for you.

GOLFO letto piazza e mezza con testiera in metallo blu

Available in single, square and double versions to meet your every need, GOLFO is the emblem of simplicity.
You can buy it with or without headboard.

Designed with tubular metal that leave the interior space empty, it is perfect for soft pillows, where you can comfortably rest in the evening to read your favorite book.

The most simple and clean version without headboard is the ideal solution if you love to customize your bed with a headboard of your choice, in leather or fabric.

letto sommier GOLFO in metallo blu piazza e mezza moderno

Golfo and Marea together for a bright and modern room

It combines GOLFO with the MAREA metal design shelves for an industrial furnishing solution in which versatility and strong and decisive character blend together.

letto matrimoniale moderno GOLFO in metallo bianco

MAREA and GOLFO together give your bedroom brightness, space and a warm and welcoming feeling.

Don’t you want to dive under the covers and let yourself be gently lulled into a deep and regenerating sleep?

Discover now the new collection of metal beds, which won the first prize of the MM AWARD 2022 competition organized by MM Company, for its exclusive design and its innovative structure made entirely of metal. 

letto GOLFO vincitore del primo premio MM Award 2022