Modern entrance: the corner of the house that tells of you

The entrance is our business card; if you look at it carefully you will notice how much I can tell about us and our personality more than the rest of the house. Have you ever noticed?

ingresso moderno con mensole in metallo MAREA nero stile industriale

For this reason it is important to decorate it according to our tastes, letting our emotions speak. 

If you are a modern person, who loves to follow the fashion of the moment then you will surely know that the most popular trend in the world of interior design is minimalism, decorating with simplicity and elegance, focusing on the essential and leaving behind everything that can be considered superfluous. 

In this article we want to give you some ideas to better decorate the space dedicated to hospitality, the place that will tell you first "welcome home". 


The watchword: practicality

Those who enter your home for the first time must feel welcomed, they must be able to close the door behind them and feel comfortable. 

Furnishing this space with essential elements helps you to convey just this feeling. Simple and clean lines communicate order, cleanliness and brightness: the key principles of modern design. 

But the watchword to never forget when you decide to create this environment is practicality.
It must be a functional place, where you can place everyday objects such as keys, bag and glasses in an intuitive and fast way.
Around this pivotal principle you can decide with greater clarity how to furnish it and what furniture elements to use. 

ingresso moderno con mensole di design in metallo MAREA full bianco

Focuses on simplicity 

Whether you have ample space to use or a more content focused on simplicity.
Do not fill it with bulky furniture that visually weigh down the environment and create confusion, but rather point to suspended elements with delicate and clean lines that give breath to the space. 

An effective solution is to use shelves with a contemporary design in metal, such as our MAREA FULL collection. 

Resistant, elegant and quick to clean, they are perfect to personalize your entrance with an original touch, where you can place comfortable empty pockets and some souvenir photos. 

ingresso moderno stile minimalista con mensole in metallo MAREA grigio
Pay attention to choose the right colors, even those make a difference.

The light colors are definitely those that go for the most and that best combine the concept of modern minimal design.

White is the dominant texture, to match with neutral pastel colors, but in many cases you can find it on its own.
The effect it creates is very bright, especially when played with spotlights and mirrors.

Two other colours that never go out of fashion are grey and black, perfect for a refined and elegant contemporary furniture, as we like it. 

palette colori ingresso moderno con mensole in metallo MAREA
palette colori chiari ingresso moderno con mensole MAREA bianco
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Don’t forget the details 

What can not be missing in a modern entrance that respects? Obviously a beautiful mirror!

Perfect for putting your hair and lipstick in place before going out (don’t say no, we know you do too!), it gives the environment a feeling of more space and are extremely elegant! 

Bonus tip: choose a mirror with clean, straight or curved lines with a contemporary design to give a feeling of continuity and warmth to the entire composition. 

ingresso moderno con mensole di design in metallo MAREA full 900 bianco

Let the memories speak 

Although it is the part of the house where we pass quickly without almost stopping, it is also true that, as we have the at the beginning of the article, it is the space that most represents us and where usually there are elements that tell about us, of our family or our passions. 

Paintings, photos, your beloved vinyl records or a simple candle with a particular scent, which evokes sweet memories, are the perfect accessories to decorate the entrance of the house and tell something about you to guests. 

mensole in metallo nero MAREA full 1800/2 per ingresso moderno

And finally can not miss a touch of green

Plants, an elegant and refined touch, that keeps us in touch with nature, and that give us a feeling of peace and calm every time we see them. They can not miss in our modern entrance.

mensole di design in metallo moderne MAREA full blu


Now you are ready to furnish your entrance in a functional and elegant way.

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