Rectangular or square table? That’s the dilemma.

The table: our faithful companion of adventures, laughter and moments of sharing.

Whether it’s the table top where you work on your computer or your favorite cooking recipes, or the table on which you share precious memories with friends and family, in front of a good dinner, it is always there.

It is the undisputed protagonist of the scene and for this reason it deserves to have the right attention even when we choose it.

Atollo il tavolo in metallo con top in legno rettangolare o quadrato nero

If you are renovating your house, or you have already done so, you know very well that when you get to furnish the living area, the dilemma is always the same:
"Better to choose a rectangular or square table?".

The table definitely has a central role in the room, whether it is the kitchen, the dining room or the living room.
In order to create a practical and functional area, it is important that it can adapt to the style of the furniture in a harmonious way, but not only... For this reason it is important to take some time to evaluate which solution is best for us.

Obviously there is no right or wrong answer, everything depends on our needs, the space available to us and personal taste.

In this article we see together the pros and cons of the square table and the rectangular one.

The rectangular table for a large and convivial space

Contrary to what you might think, the rectangular table is the one that allows you to make the most of spaces, not only in spacious environments, but also in smaller ones, resulting in the ideal furnishing element if we talk about practicality.

Compared to the square table it has a smaller footprint and is perfect if you love having guests for dinner.

If you have a large space to furnish the rectangular shape perfectly matches the environment, fills the space, creating a great scenic impact and allows you to have several seats for a convivial and harmonious living area.

Tavolo in metallo con piano in legno ATOLLO nero moderno per sala da pranzo

In addition, it is easy to move when needed: if you need more space in the room and do not want to keep it central, as unused on that occasion, you can place it next to a wall to get more space for the passage.

In this case it becomes the perfect corner for an aperitif with friends or a birthday party.

The important thing is to choose the right place: if the room at your disposal was small it could be too cumbersome and you would not have a way to fully exploit its potential, especially if you have a lifestyle that often leads you to be out of the house for lunch and dinner.
In this case a square table might be more suitable for your needs.

ATOLLO rectangular, modern and contemporary design, with metal structure and top in poplar wood scratch-resistant lacquer, is ideal for a large living area, marrying with simplicity to every need: can be used as a dining table or as a desk for your home office.

Tavolo ATOLLO rettangolare nero in metallo

The square table for a smart and design environment

As we anticipated the square table has a larger footprint and, although it seems strange, is suitable for large environments, as it can be put in a central position.

But pay attention to the proportions: if it was too small it could be a marginal piece of furniture inside the room, while on the contrary, if it was too large it could become cumbersome for the passage.

The keyword of the square table is definitely versatility: if you live in an apartment and often work at home it is perfect for your needs!

Tavolo in metallo con top in legno ATOLLO quadrato bianco

ATOLLO square, thanks to its small size and the industrial design that characterizes it, is perfect both as a dining table and as a desk.
Do not underestimate its potential: even if it can not accommodate a large number of seats can become the ideal space for an aperitif with friends, where you can share moments of lightheartedness and relaxation.

It can become the ideal choice even if you are often out of the house, as thanks to its small size it is practical and quick to clean and can be used as a table for a quick breakfast.

In this case you can decide to focus more on the aesthetic factor, than on practicality: a design table will surely have its charm inside your apartment even if not fully functional.

dettaglio tavolo ATOLLO top in legno di pioppo laccato antigraffio bianco

The importance of choosing the right top.

Whether it is rectangular or square another important factor to take into account is the choice of the top.

If you use the table in the dining room both for lunch, but also as a support surface where to work, we recommend choosing a durable top, which guarantees a long life in time and quick and easy maintenance.
The wooden top is definitely the most used as it fits perfectly with any style of furniture, from the most classic to the most modern.

tavolo di design in metallo ATOLLO con top in legno di pioppo design industriale


The top of ATOLLO, our design desk table, with a thickness of 40 mm, is made of poplar wood coming from programmed cut crops managed in an eco-sustainable way and is painted with a veil of lacquered with excimer, which allows to obtain an extra-matt surface with exceptional resistance to scratches and abrasions.

The top is also tippable, which means that if the top over time gets ruined, you can flip it over and use the bottom.

dettaglio top in legno di pioppo 40 mm laccato antigraffio di ATOLLO

Now that you know the main advantages of both, we are sure that you will be able to choose with greater awareness the shape of the table that best suits you!

Just one last tip: since it is the most important piece of furniture in your room, remember that first of all it must reflect your personal taste.