Kids bedroom: ideas and tips to decorate it to the fullest!

The kid bedroom is the safe haven of every child, where he can feel free to play, experiment, give space to his creativity and express himself.

cameretta bambini idee per arredarla

For this reason it is important that this room is not improvised (as often happens), but must be furnished and organized according to precise rules, to allow your children to grow and develop their personality, always evolving, and their own independence.

Children, in fact, must not perceive their bedroom only as the space dedicated to sleeping, but as a place all for them, where they can spend their time in peace, feeling protected and safe even if mom and dad are in another room.

"What are the basic rules to furnish a kids room in a way functional to their growth?" you must be wondering at this point.
Let’s find out together in the next paragraphs.

Three practical tips for your children’s room

Predict your child’s growth by choosing the right bed

It seems obvious, but often it is not. How many times thinking about the room for our future child we thought of the classic decorations from childhood, such as beds in the shape of cute animals, all colored. Of course they are beautiful to see and are certainly good for the very first years of their life, but they are not functional over time.

In fact, growing up our children will begin to have their own tastes and passions and several times, during their growth, they will ask us to change their bedroom, change that bed in the shape of a teddy bear that they no longer like, because now they feel great, repaint the walls and so on.

For this reason, we advise you to choose from the first years of their development a simple, more essential bed that can easily adapt to the different stages of their growth.

letto singolo GOLFO blu per cameretta bambini

Our single bed GOLFO can be the ideal solution in this case. Thanks to its essential design, available both in the version with headboard and in the sommier, and the sturdy metal slats is the perfect bed for your child’s bedroom, as you can use it comfortably until his adolescence.

You can make it more playful and cheerful by embellishing it with soft pillows, colorful blankets and some fluffy plushes, so your child can feel pampered and safe even at night.

Do you want to find out more about the characteristics that distinguish GOLFO?
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Optimises space by using shelves and bookcases

Children love to play on the ground, run, experiment, express themselves and to do so they need so much space available. Choose furniture with a minimalist design, resistant and that allows you to optimize the space and have everything in order.

mensole e scaffali in metallo MAREA full per cameretta bambini

To furnish the bedroom in a functional way, shelves are your best ally!
Easy and quick to clean allow you to keep everything in order. You can place stuffed animals, small toys, books to read without them invading the living space of your baby.

You can also use them as a bedside table, where you can place a small lamp to keep on at night or his favorite fairy tale book, which you tell him the night before falling asleep.
We recommend that you place them at a height appropriate to the needs of the child, so he can choose for himself which puppet to play with or what book to want to read.

The shelves MAREA and the modular system ORIZZONTE thanks to their simplicity and durability over time are the ideal piece of furniture to decorate the walls of the room, as you can easily move them in time according to his needs and can come in handy during his growth, when the room will become the place to study and do homework in peace, without being disturbed.

Having everything you need for studying in his kids bedroom will be fundamental because it will allow you to create your own independence, self-responsibilization and also learn to keep your room in order. Let him, for example, arrange the books as he wishes on the shelves, so he will learn to be self-sufficient as a child.

What are the best places to place shelves in the room? Read more in this blog article: modern shelves in the bedroom 3 practical tips.

Another space that will surely be very useful, especially when he is a child, will be the one under the bed. GOLFO, in fact, has a large space under the structure, where you can go to insert practical space-saving containers, where you can go to insert toys, plush toys, blankets and some change of season. The space of the closet, when they are small, never enough!

letto singolo GOLFO con contenitori salvaspazio

Let him have his say

Pastel colors, warm and enveloping colors, carpets and playful decorations make the difference!

When you think about the kids bedroom you can not think of colors, from classic ones like pink and blue to more neutral ones like orange and green. Colors that recall the shades of nature and that give the environment a feeling of peace, tranquility and joy at the same time.

If you do not know what color is best to decorate your child’s room you can decide to leave the white walls and add some fun little stickers or wallpaper, he will be himself with time to choose his favorite colors and to communicate them to you.

In that moment you can decide to paint with him a wall of the room, if ever that of the headboard, or think of a simpler and less invasive solution going to decorate the room with objects and small furnishing accessories of his favorite colors.

Don’t forget the carpet!

Children love to play barefoot and stand on the floor, it is the safe space place where they can play, draw, experiment. For this reason, do not forget to put inside the bedroom at least a carpet, on which you can spend time doing what you like, being comfortable and warm!

cameretta bambini letto singolo in metallo GOLFO giochi in legno e tappeto


With these small tips you can furnish the best kid bedroom and make the most beautiful gift to your child: a well-organized and functional space, in which he can feel safe and free to be himself, will allow him to grow in the right way, independent and self-confident!

We’re sure he’ll thank you for that someday.