MAREA shelf: the most frequently asked questions

Metal shelves: the main furnishing element in the modern industrial furniture world. Ideal for decorating with style every room of the house, they are perfect for optimizing spaces and creating versatile environments with a contemporary style. 

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The most frequent requests

1. What material are the shelves made of?
The shelves are made of pickled steel (metal) and powder coated with epoxy-polyester resins, ideal for indoor furniture, as they guarantee better color fastness over time and greater resistance to high temperatures.

2. How can I attach them to the wall?
The shelves can be fixed to the wall thanks to their support bar included in the article.
By using the right fixing dowel and the appropriate screws you can install the shelf firmly to the wall in no time.

3. How should I mount them?
The mounting of the shelves is quick and easy. Simply attach the support bar to the wall, install the interlocking shelves from above, simply place them on the bar and finally insert the tie rods, starting from the bottom.

For more information visit the following link and find out step by step how to install the shelves.

4. Can they also be used outdoors?
No, our shelves are not suitable for outdoor use, but only for indoor use.

5. What is the maximum capacity they can support?
The maximum load capacity of our shelves depends on the fixing dowel that is used to install it. Indicatively the maximum load of the shelf is about 12 kg.

6. Can they be installed on plasterboard?
Yes, MAREA shelves can also be installed on plasterboard walls. The important thing is to choose the right dowel to use according to the wall at your disposal. For more information on choosing the most correct dowel, we suggest that you contact an experienced person.

7. How can they be cleaned?
For daily cleaning of the shelves, just use a soft microfiber cloth slightly moistened in water and neutral detergent, free of products containing solvents, acids and/ or abrasive materials and substances. Thanks to its smooth surface cleaning will be practical and fast.

8. Can they be damaged in contact with steam?
No, thanks to the type of painting used, the shelves resist both steam and high temperatures in the kitchen, when we are at the stove, or in the bathroom.

The important thing is not to expose these elements to water for a long time. To maintain their beauty over time, we recommend that you wipe them with a dry cloth if you come into contact with water, so that they do not damage over time.

9. How deep are the shelves?
Our metal shelves are 24 cm deep; the ideal space to comfortably place your everyday objects.

10. How and where can I use them in my apartment?
The MAREA shelves are extremely versatile and can be used as convenient space-saving containers, where you can place books, souvenir photos, aromatic plants, scented candles or whatever you want.

They can be used to create a practical bookcase in your living room, a convenient pantry in the kitchen or as countertops for books and files for your home office.

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1. Can I use shelves as bedside tables?
Absolutely yes, the MAREA FULL 450 shelf, thanks to its small size, is perfect for use in the bedroom as a bedside table, a unique and versatile design element that will allow you to have everything you need for the night at hand. Cleaning with the vacuum cleaner thanks to these suspended elements will also be a breeze.

2. Can I use shelves to create a library?
Of course, the shelves are ideal for creating a small suspended bookcase where you can place your beloved books.

If it helps, in this article you can find 3 practical tips on where to place shelves in the bedroom:


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1. Where can I put the shelves in the kitchen?
Shelves are an excellent element of furniture for the kitchen, as they allow you to optimize the space.
The ideal place to place them is definitely above the sink, but nothing prevents, thanks to their heat resistance, to insert them over the hob or along the entire wall instead of the classic wall cabinets.

2. What can I put on the shelves in the kitchen?
Everything you want: from dishes to cups, from jars of salt and sugar to aromatic plants. The important thing is to correctly balance the right weights and above all to create a homogeneous composition that allows you to have everything you need at hand.

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1. Where can I place shelves in the bathroom?
The shelves are perfect in the bathroom, as they allow you to optimize the space and have everything at hand, especially if we have a small bathroom.

They can be placed next to the sink to put toothbrush and toothpaste, around the mirror to have scents, creams and everything you need for your beauty routine always in sight of the eye or in the wall near the bathtub to support the shower room, towels and scented candles.

2. Do wall shelves resist steam in the bathroom?
Yes, our metal shelves, thanks to their special powder coating treatment resist steam. For a longer duration in time you’ll want to give her a quick wipe with a dry cloth after showering.

3. Can I also use them in the shower for shampoo and shower?
No, keeping the MAREA shelves in constant contact with the water is not recommended, as they do not have the proper treatment to resist the water and would risk to be ruined in a short time.


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1. Can MAREA shelves be used to decorate the living room?
Certainly yes! Thanks to their versatility of use and their resistance, they are perfect for decorating the walls of your living room with an original touch with a contemporary character, which allows you to optimize the spaces and give an impression of character to the environment.

Where to place them? We leave you here 5 practical tips that will come in handy.


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1. Can I use shelves to enhance a small entrance?
Of course I do! Shelves are perfect if you have small spaces to furnish, as they allow you to organize the spaces and decorate the environment in a modern and versatile way.

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