Furnishing with shelves: ideas and solutions

The house, a place to live, but also to furnish according to your tastes and needs.
In an age in which the spaces available are becoming smaller, it is necessary to find versatile solutions to optimize the spaces and recreate cozy and functional environments.

In recent years are increasingly appreciated furnishing accessories of minimalist design, able to give the different rooms a modern and essential touch without weighing it down.
One of the most loved home decor accessories is represented by shelves, of different shapes and lengths that give a touch of uniqueness and help us to customize the environments of the house, making our guests remain open-mouthed.

If furnished correctly and with a hint of modernity, even in their simplicity, they can in fact convey character and order in every space, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Here are some design ideas, divided by setting, to better decorate your home thanks to modern shelves.

Shelves in the kitchen: a touch of style to make it functional

In an environment such as the kitchen, in which making the most of the available space becomes fundamental, suspended shelves become our precious allies, especially if you do not like the idea of filling the wall with cabinets difficult to clean, where the items we need always disappear at the bottom of the cabinet.

The shelves are perfect to complete the furniture of our kitchen, where we can place jars, cups, saucers, bowls and aromatic plants, all arranged in sight and divided by type and height.

The shelves in the kitchen can be placed in multiple solutions:

  • In a single wall, a shelf under the other so you can fill the corner, that would otherwise remain unused


  • To fill a wall space at the side of the kitchen to recreate a small pantry, where to go to place everyday objects and food reserves to keep handy.


(Don’t know how to organize your design pantry in the kitchen? Try to take a look here: How to organize the pantry with designer shelves)

  • Along the entire wall instead of the classic wall cabinets to give more lightness to the room and have everything you need in front of you.


  • With a suction head to give a sense of filling


Shelves in the living room: an infinity of ideas

The living room is the most suitable environment to welcome guests and for this reason it is treated in detail to offer the best image of the entire house, as if it was a showcase.

Needless to say, shelves in the living room are now a must-have in the world of interior design.

They can be placed near or around the TV to create a library where you can place books, movies, souvenir photos and design objects to create the right atmosphere.


Not only that, modern design shelves can fill an empty wall of the living room to dedicate to the reading corner, where you can enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation after a long day.


Wherever you choose to place them, they make a good impression and help to keep the most welcoming environment of the house clean and tidy.

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Shelves in the bedroom and kidroom: creates a tidy and cozy space

The shelves in the bedroom and kidroom are are perfect for creating a modern, minimalist design and above all tidy atmosphere.
The suspended shelves are ideal especially in small rooms not to go to weigh down the room with cabinets, bedside tables and chests of drawers. They, in fact, are the best solution to use instead of the classic bedside table, where you can place souvenir photos, your mobile phone and a glass of water for the night.


They can also be used to fill the empty space, which is created every time, above the headboard of the bed to support our favorite books, which we read before going to sleep or some decorative object.

They are also excellent in children’s and boys' bedrooms to support toys, books to read and soft plush.


Shelves in the bathroom: an excellent space-saving solution

How many times does it happen that to leave space to the kitchen and living room you sacrifice the space dedicated to the bathroom?
Deciding to furnish the bathroom with shelves can be an excellent space-saving alternative to classic suspended furniture, beautiful to see but often bulky.


Place them next to the sink or mirror or next to the bath to get soaps, scents and everything you need for a warm bath at hand.


Doesn't end there

The shelves can also be used to furnish the entrance of the house, especially if you have little space to dedicate to it or to furnish a corner of your living room to be used as a study/ work area.

If you want to deepen one of these two environments we leave you two articles that could just be for you!

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